How do I schedule my certification exam with AIPMM?

Before scheduling your certification exam, you must first schedule an exam pre-call with AIPMM. The last module in the online course has a link to AIPMM’s scheduling site. Or, you can email them directly at to schedule. Depending on the time of year, pre-call dates and certification exam dates are typically scheduled two weeks out from the request date. Upon completing your certification exam pre-call, you can schedule your exam.

When scheduling the exam pre-call, you'll need the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Educational Coursework Completed: Be sure to select the correct online course (CPM Online – Course and Exam, CPMM Online – Course and Exam, APMPO In-Person, or ACPMPO Online – Course and Exam)
  • Course or Toolkit Order Number: The order number is on your Productside order confirmation. If you don't have access to these details, input any number.
  • Date Purchased: It doesn’t have to be an exact date, since Productside has already sent AIPMM your details.
  • AIPMM Membership Date: Refer to your AIPMM membership confirmation email for this date.
  • Career Experience